Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. You can practically feel the love in the air! Whether you’re paired up this season or flying solo, it’s always a good time to start practicing loving kindness toward yourself. The decision to love all of who you are will have a positive impact on your work, your relationships and your overall well-being… I PROMISE! Follow these simple steps to celebrate you this Valentine’s Day.  

Keep a gratitude journal. Yes I know, everyday isn’t perfect. As the saying goes, life happens. That said, almost everyday, even the toughest of days, there is something to be grateful for even if it is simply that you woke up in your right mind.  Reflecting on the positive day to day details of your life can help you stay mentally strong and keep you focused on the things that are going well in your life. It is easy to get overwhelmed and stressed by the day to day happenings of life. Taking on the daily practice of writing in a journal, your phone, or an online blog, the things you appreciate about the experiences of the day will help expand your mental capacity for even more great things to come . It doesn’t have to be anything huge. Maybe, you ate breakfast this morning when you usually forget or had a wonderful conversation with a loved one. Gratitude is a way to express the love you have with the life you’re living.

Invest in yourself.  We all need time to recharge. When’s the last time you did something you wanted to do just because you enjoy it? Spend 30 minutes everyday doing something that brings you joy. Whether it’s reading the latest romance novel, going for a walk with your dog, or cooking your favorite meal, make time to do activities that de-stress you. Your mind and body will thank you.

Be patient, AND persistent. Did you go on Facebook and hear about your friend’s big promotion or Instagram to see your work colleague’s amazing beach vacation and then suddenly feel bad about yourself? Stop with the comparisons. Embrace and love the things that are happening in your life right now. Self-love is ever evolving. You’ll have days where your inner-critic simply won’t shut up, but make an effort to be kind and support yourself through the hard times.

Self-love is a practice you may want to integrate into your daily life. Make a commitment to love and accept yourself every day! Share in the comment section below how you plan to be good to yourself today! Don’t forget if you have questions post them here as well!