Reduce Your Stress Over The Holiday Season

The holiday season can be filled with stress, and you may think it’s impossible. I want you to know stress-free living is possible! Any given moment you can choose your experience – that’s right you can choose not to be stressed! You can respond calmly to any situation, regardless of how stressed you may feel.  Everyday, in my work with senior executives, I am reminded I how stress negatively impacts the ability to achieve career success and personal peace. We live in a world where everyone is experiencing a high level of stress; between work,  the kids, other family obligations, and finding time for you, it can all be overwhelming. Here is what I want you to know – you can eliminate the stress you are experiencing by simply choosing a different response. It really is all about your choice … and your plan.

Let’s say you are running late in the morning, you have a huge meeting and you spill coffee on your presentation. That is enough to stress anyone out. In the moment you can choose a more productive response than to stress out. Take a few deep breaths to calm yourself, once you are calm you will have the mental energy to craft the best strategy to move forward. You can do this in any given circumstance at any given time. Simply create the space to feel and then release your stress reaction. Remember it is just that, a reaction … it does not have to be your response.

Things may go wrong on a daily basis and you don’t have to let the create stress in your life. How often have you stressed about being late only to arrive and the meeting has not started yet or better still no one even noticed you were late? Now you may have mastered not being stressed about traffic or spilling coffee but other people, that may be an entirely different matter. The good news is, you don’t have to let people stress you out either. Now I know some of you are saying “But Cornelia you don’t know (insert stressful persons name here). What I do know is that you yeah people how to treat you and you choose the behavior you tolerate in others. Simply make a different choice.

To work on the habit of being stress-free, I invite you to start a log. Capture the events, people and experiences that create a stress reaction in you – ask yourself what created the most stress for me today and why?  Analyze the root cause of the stress, are you overworked, are the expectations unreasonable, do you need to slow down and be more present in your life?  Then begin to notice what actions you are or are NOT taking that are adding to the stress of the experience – were you unclear, did you fail to plan ahead or delegate effectively?  Once you have identified your core stress triggers, craft a plan to respond when triggered instead of reacting from a place of stress.

This one simple act can be the most wonderful gift you give yourself (and those around you) this year!

To Stress-Free Living,