May You Find Balance

Do you find yourself stuck in the daily routine of life: Wake up. Coffee. Work. Eat. Sleep. REPEAT! It’s easy to get stuck in the rut of your daily routine focused on the urgent vs. creating time to do the work to achieve your goals. In the face of the daily routine in life it is important to find balance and do the things that bring you joy. For they are truly part of your path to achieving your goals. Whether it’s volunteering for a cause that’s important to you or training for your first 5K, it’s important to have passions outside of work (even if you love your job). Finding balance can feel impossible, but taking steps to do something for your self once a week is vital. Here are my tips for reconnecting to your sense of gratitude and finding some joy in life… consistently.

Find time to give back. Most everyone I work with is committed to some social cause; everything from curing cancer to fighting for justice reform. Volunteer for your cause. It is an excellent way to develop your skills and expand your network. Huge animal lover? Join the board of your local shelter. Love curling up with a book? Volunteering for some reading society or advocacy association at the library or book festival. Not only will it feel good, but you’ll have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. Remember to contribute at your highest level. Everyone can pack a box but not everyone can help an organization set their strategy for the future.

Learn something new. There is a great saying “If you are not learning, you are diving.” Commit to learning something new every year. Annually I invest in three areas of learning and encourage you to do the same. First, invest in some good mindset learning. You can only have the life you believe you are worth having and elevating your mindset to match your goals is critical for success. Second invest in some skill training that will elevate your expert status in your chosen profession. Finally, invest in some leadership development training. See it is your mindset, expertise and leadership that lay the foundation for you to live the life you design.

Have a social life. In the age of social media and technology we are a population that is both more connected and more isolated than ever before. Come out from behind your computer screen and reconnect with people IRL! Schedule time on your calendar for fun, recurring activities with friends and family. Grab coffee with a friend before work or take your full lunch break to enjoy a meal with a sibling. Creating blocks of time to spend with those who matter most is a great way to ensure that you are maintaining a balanced life.

Work/life balance doesn’t have to feel like wishful thinking. If you need any help designing the life you want, please reach out. Join us on Facebook in the Design Your Life Community HERE and post your questions about living a designed life.