Gratitude can be fun!

The holidays are fast approaching and I am sure you are thinking of ways to acknowledge your colleagues and customers with a big THANK YOU for their service and or their business. I wanted to share some strategies for saying thank you to those who you have the pleasure of working with everyday. Your teammates and colleagues will appreciate you saying more than just “thank you.” Here are a few fun ways to show your gratitude for teams hard work:

Designate a special parking space: Parking in a good spot can often be a premium benefit. Try designating a special spot for those employees who go above and beyond.

Treat them to something to encourage wellness: A free yoga class, essential oils that promote calm or focus, a nice plant – these are all things that promote a happier, healthier person.

Office supply treats: Who doesn’t love fancy office supplies? Get them a fancy pen or an ergonomic chair or keyboard. Perhaps try some colored file folders in their favorite color or print design.

Fill the office break room with their favorites: Do you have an employee who prefers a certain type of tea? Does someone love gourmet hot chocolate? These are all little treats that can make a big difference in a break room cabinet. You can always fill a gift basket or other fun container full of these sweat treats and leave it on their desk as well.

Acknowledge them in a meeting: Be sure to praise them and praise them often, especially when others are around. Make a point in every meeting to praise one person in front of their colleagues. Public recognition goes along way when done well. Clearly express what the person did and the IMPACT it had on you and the results your team is getting.

Give kudos for non-work related achievements: Perhaps an employee ran their first marathon or someone has worked really hard to lose weight. Make a point to acknowledge them for successess even if they aren’t work related.

Allow others to recognize their peers: Let your team create a peer recognition program so that everyone can get in on the act!

These are just a few fun things that allow you to say “thank you” and will hopefully get your creative mind active. No matter what, remember to say thank you and do it often. Gratitude doesn’t have to just come around at Thanksgiving! We would love to know how you plan to acknowledge your teams this year so post your plans in the comments below.