As an accomplished leader, every new level of success you achieve requires more and more of your power, creativity, innovation, and productivity. 
Cornelia Shipley
Cornelia Shipley
Executive Coach & Author

Cornelia Shipleyyou aren’t here simply to make a living, but to empower the world to live more abundantly, with greater vision, joy, passion and excitement. You are here to enrich the world, and you deprive yourself when you forget your purpose.

There has never been a better time to be the leader you know you are called to be; eliminating the frustration, overwhelm, and dissatisfaction you may feel despite the amazing things you have already achieved.

Whether you are called CEOEntrepreneurManager or Rising Star at your core you are a leader! You are ready to take your impact and influence to the next level. You have so many great ideas that you feel overwhelmed and you keep asking yourself “What “should” I do next?” You are ready to make a bigger contribution to your industry, and assume your place as the expert you know yourself to be.

You finally achieved that dream job or got your business to the level you wanted, and instead of feeling excited, you feel empty; or worse yet you are saying to yourself “oh @#$% now what?” Even though you consistently hear from friends, family and colleagues that you have it all together, there is something in your life that causes you to feel like a fraud. With all your success, you still feel overwhelmed, overworked and maybe even a bit disillusioned. You are tired of hiding behind “good enough”, where you are doing and being less than your best, and are ready to be held accountable for the commitments and goals you have made for yourself. You need more clarity, direction, and an actionable plan designed to support you in articulating and executing your big vision.

You need to focus on increasing your impact and influence while establishing, and leveraging more meaningful relationships. Quiet as it’s kept, you know you need a structure that allows you to deal with all the “stuff” getting in the way of you taking action. You are ready to implement a process designed to integrate both strategy and execution in a way that honors your work style, ups your personal productivity and creates the flexibility and freedom you desire.

If any of this resonates, I’m excited to talk more, Book your Ignite session below and let’s get started. You are worth the time to clarify what’s getting in the way of achieving your next big thing!

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