The Impact of Follow Up

I absolutely love this phrase and remind my clients all the time that the more they follow up the more successful they will be! Here is an example: Recently, my husband was hiring for a position and right after interviewing a potential candidate, he received the email below:This person had a great interview and coupled with that and the initiative and follow up-they did in fact get the job. When my husband shared the email with me I was reminded of how often people fail to follow up. Take that promotion or raise you really want. Have you followed up with your boss on the conversation you had in your last performance evaluation? Have you taken the initiative to solve a problem or make your managers life easier in a big way? What about a new job? You’ve expressed an interest and maybe even submitted your resume, but have you followed up. ┬áStudy after study shows that if you’re just ‘waiting by the phone‘ you will likely be left waiting.

Follow-up increases our odds of success substantially and here are 4 reasons why:

  1. Visibility. Following up keeps you top of mind to the person you are interviewing with, requesting something from etc. It works in any industry, I know a speaker who wanted to be represented by a particular bureau who ran a Facebook ad that was only seen by the decision maker at the company. The more innovative and creative you are the more impact your visibility will have.
  2. Connection. Give them a reason to follow up with you. This candidate gave a clear reason for my husband to reach out and have a conversation. Create urgency and value.
  3. Impression. Because so few people actually follow-up the actions you take will typically leave a positive impression.
  4. Professionalism. When you follow-up, you demonstrate that you are not only professional but take the person and opportunity seriously. This can be applies to everything from a networking connection to a job or business opportunity.

The more you follow-up in a routine way, you will discover what works best for you and what gets your intended results. Whatever you decide remember… your success (and fortune) are in your ability to follow-up!

Share your stories about when you had great success following up or when it didn’t quite turn out as planned.

Here’s to you following up-