Seven Essentials for Accelerated Growth as a CEO - Part 2

handsome young african american businessman presenting figures at a meeting with team

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed the 7 essentials for accelerated growth as a CEO. Today, we will talk about the best practices and strategies you can use to effectively implement those 7 areas.

First, prioritize your development. Block time for development just like you would any other appointment. Set weekly development goals for yourself and review your progress regularly. Consider joining an Executive Mastermind or Roundtable and definitely read daily for personal and professional enrichment.

Once your development is established as a priority, it’s time to design and execute your learning strategy. Your plan should be prioritized based on your companies leadership competencies as well as your assessment of the business, the people and your learning style. Establish mentoring relationships to enhance and build your capacity – include people at all levels in the organization to focus on specific skills and exposure.

The next step is to enroll critical stakeholders. At an executive level it can be challenging to get support for your development. Often times your leadership may think you either can handle it on your own or don’t need further development. Make the business case for the value to your organization in you taking the time to invest in your leadership and functional skill development.

Finally, be sure to hone your X-Factor. Leverage all that makes you unique and empowers you to deliver the results you are achieving. Make sure you develop an authentic presence that serves your intentions. Adopt a winning mindset and be fearless. Notice I said fearless not foolish. Be willing to take development risks (like stretch assignments) that are well supported.

While implementing these success strategies, be sure to follow these Do’s (no Don’ts):

DO seek feedback and act
DO align your development to your critical objectives
DO focus on leveraging your strengths to maximize development activities
DO be open about your development plan
Do be both an industry and company expert
DO lead by example – invest in your self and your team
DO become a master communicator and storyteller
DO embrace the idea of constant change
DO create clearly defined measures of success for your development
DO make your development your #1 priority

BONUS TIP: Celebrate your success! So many leaders move from one success to the next without celebrating their success along the journey. As you reach your development milestones celebrate them just as you would any other business achievement. Remember, your expanding your capability and capacity is what allows you to achieve your next level of success.