Executive Programming

Organizational excellence, impact and success start with LEADERSHIP!

Leadership is the cornerstone of every organization and truly successful organizations harness their leadership capacity at all levels to drive bottom line impact. Cornelia and her team of certified and credentialed coaches work with leaders at all levels to support the development process:  enhancing engagement, motivation, accountability, teamwork, collaboration and most importantly satisfaction, commitment, and buy-in.

Our signature development programs are designed to prepare your leaders to drive bottom line impact while creating a culture of engagement and productivity.

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3C Performance TrainingCoaching Skills for Managers Training

This program provides an opportunity for leaders to harness key skills professional coaches use with their clients to inspire their organization to achieve their personal best. Leaders with strong coaching and performance management skills foster an attitude focused on innovation, continuous improvement, and solutions. This program is designed to enable leaders to create space for employees to contribute fully; bringing all of themselves to their work, contributing all of their value, allowing the organization to truly leverage their most important resource and dramatically enhance bottom line performance. Call today for the Coaching Skills For Managers Training program at 877-853-5340.

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Success Team 3C Executive Impact Program and

Executive Coaching

This year long intensive program is designed to expand the senior level development process, in conjunction with your personnel management system to prepare senior level leaders and hi-potential managers targeted for executive level management. Developed by Maxine Brown-Davis, retired CDO and VP of Human Resources Procter and Gamble, and Professional and Board Certified Coach (PCC, BCC, ELI-MP) Cornelia Shipley, this program combines development feedback, direct line manager involvement, individual executive coaching, and organization performance expectations along with Energy LeadershipTM to enhance the performance and impact of your key executives.

Participants gain critical insight into how key stakeholders view their leadership effectiveness, view their ability to lead at the most senior levels, and enhance the key skills necessary for executive success including executive presence, influential leadership, and strategic planning. Participants learn to leverage their core values and principals while maximizing their strengths, in order to achieve their personal best and expand their contribution to the organization’s bottom line performance. Call today for the Executive Impact Program program at 877-853-5340.

Executive Coaching Note: Our Team of Executive Coaches also offer Individual and Group Coaching to enhance your exisiting leadership development programs.

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Leadership Team 3CLeadership Bootcamp

This in-depth program based on Open Systems Theory is designed to be held exclusively within an organization and provides key leaders, new managers, hi-potential employees and executives with the opportunity to understand who they are as a leader and the impact their behavior has on other individuals, themselves and the system in which they work. Participants come to understand the limitations they place on themselves and others limiting their personal growth, development, and contribution to the company’s bottom line.

Designed as an experience where “titles” are left at the door, participants are provided with an opportunity to understand the changing dynamics of their work environment and the impact individuals have on the organizations ability to deliver results. This experience has helped drive innovation, cross boundary communication, assisted in creating a high performance workplace and has transformed the behavior of most leaders. To schedule bootcamp in your organization please email us or call today for the Leadership Bootcamp program at 877-853-5340.

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Contact our office today at (877)853-5340 to explore which of our Programs would be right for your organization.