CBS Atlanta Appearance

With the recent election of President Donald Trump, I was asked by CBS Atlanta to share my perspective on how to handle the conversation at work regardless of your party affiliation. Take a look at the clip

Here is what I want you to know, you do NOT have to have the political conversation at work. There are several graceful ways to “bow out” in a respectful manner:

  • Tell the other person you are simply not comfortable having the discussion and want to maintain an inclusive environment
  • Respectfully remove yourself from the conversation… you are at work and have work to do so excuse yourself and get back to work
  • Shift the conversation to a discussion about the actions people want to take in light of the current circumstances. Complaining solves nothing but helping your colleague determine what they want to do with their discontent can help the channel their frustration in a positive direction.

On a separate note, my media appearance was full of all kinds of lessons. You see, I almost missed my chance to be on air. Some of you may now early on in my career I worked in TV at WXYZ in Detroit and went form intern to associate producer on our weekly public affairs program. That experience taught me exactly how news works as the  broadcast can literally change at a moments notice. Because of my experience, I got to the station early and asked my glam squad to be there early as well. I shared what happened that Sunday morning in the video below and invite you to check it out.

Your intuition is powerful and if you let it guide you, you will be provided for in ways you cannot imagine! #trustyourgut #honoryourknowing

Posted by Cornelia Shipley on Sunday, March 5, 2017

Let me know in the comments below… How are you handling the political conversation at work? Where are you taking action and most importantly what is getting in the way of you following your gut?

To your political savvy-